Project Management

DKDouglas Consulting has an superb track record of arming our clients with proven project management consulting solutions that are both productive and cost-effective. Not only do our consultants have the experience to roll-up their sleeves to help command your important project to a successful finish, but they also have the knowledge to guide your associates through the process of adopting a more structured approach. If you require an adjustable approach, DKDouglas Consulting business associates will work with your organization to deliver success on your projects while transporting your organization in the right direction.

Our senior associates are required to be certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI). With three varying levels of consultants, we are armed to take on many contrasting roles and deliver a wide range of services including: project management training, mentoring, and on-site project office development.

DKDouglas Consulting’s Senior Consultants lead big cross-functional project teams on difficult projects. They regularly facilitate:

  • Program charters that layout scope and goals
  • High-level and detailed network-based schedules
  • Activity identifications, including durations, responsibilities and resources
  • The time-cost tradeoff process and validation of schedules
  • Staffing breakdown
  • Validation and compression of schedules
  • Establishment of governance procedures, standard reports, coding structures, metrics and templates
  • Implementation of Project Offices


DKDouglas Consulting’s Consultants lead cross-functional project groups from small- to medium-sized projects. They regularly facilitate:

  • Program charters that describe scope and goals
  • Work Breakdown Structures that highlight work phases, deliverables, and activities
  • High-level and detailed network-based schedules
  • Activity identifications, including durations, resources and responsibilities
  • Compression and Validation of schedules
  • Creation of status reports for key stakeholders
  • Client instruction in the use of project management tools/techniques

Project Management Coordinator

Our Project Coordinators work under the immediate supervision of the on location Senior Consultant or Consultant to:

  • Create memos and reports to inform shareholders of the project status
  • Identify areas that need attention by the project manager
  • Data entry into the project management software
  • Update project files during the regular schedule update cycle
  • Update Web sites, shared drives and databases
  • Serve as an on location expert in project management software tools