The healthcare industry has high standards when it comes to technology. Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) systems must be always-on, Network systems must be up and running at all times, resilient to disasters, and secure enough to store confidential Protected Health Information (PHI). Healthcare providers must also stay compliant within the strict regulations of HIPAA/HITECH. These rigorous standards make finding a qualified technology partner difficult.

Medical professionals turn to DKDouglas Consulting because they know we understand their complex technology needs. For over a decade, we've been managing reliable network systems and deploying solid cybersecurity solutions for the healthcare industry. Our extensive experience and dedicated 24/7 support make us a valuable partner to the healthcare industry.

We understand your challenges

  • Managing large numbers of medical records
  • Staying compliant with HIPAA regulations
  • Budgeting for hardware and software
  • Keeping private patient data safe
  • Coordinating with multiple insurers and agencies

Our Solutions for Healthcare Practices

Productivity Suites

Cloud-based applications, intranet sites, and instant messaging for better collaboration

Data Analytics

Powerful tools that help you mine meaningful insights from raw data

Cybersecurity Solutions

Encryption software and anti-malware programs to protect your data