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It was a pleasure working with DKDouglas Consulting, they made our transition from gmail to office 365 uncomplicated and painless!

—Hailey VanKeuren
Frazer PLC


Frazer PLC delivers innovative solutions in complex litigation, relying on vast experience in high-stakes litigation, e-discovery, and the use of artificial intelligence.

Frazer PLC was looking for a more secure email and document management solution and after researching multiple options decided to move to Office 365 from gSuite. They required a zero downtime migration.

Frazer PLC wanted to increase security around the email and cloud platforms.  They also wanted to continue to use a single solution that provided email and document storage.


Frazer PLC works with clients all over the United States and required a zero downtime migration from gSuite to Office 365 for emails and documents.

gSuite is a very difficult solution to migrate from due to they way that they store documents, so third-party migration solutions were required to migrate email and then forward the email after the migration was completed and DNS records were updated.

One drive was setup for each staff member, and linked to their PC's and Mac's to backup the Desktop, Documents and Pictures.

Each staff member copied their documents out of the Google Drive and moved them to their OneDrive folder location.


Microsoft Office 365 was the chosen solution for several reasons.  The productivity tools of Microsoft Office 365 E3 bundled with Azure Information Protection, allows for having a very secure email solution with encryption options using Azure RMS templates beyond the standard encryption at rest and in transit.

OneDrive was a reliable alternative to Google Docs, and provided users access to their documents across all their devices.